Service for business

Area of practice covers includes: civil law, commercial companies law, commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions of businesses, construction law, tax law, law of advertising and intellectual property law, insolvency law, labour law, administrative law, as well as commercial and fiscal criminal law.

The Law Firm offers legal assistance with regard to all disputes regarding business activities. We represent our Clients in mediation proceedings, before courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court, administrative authorities and courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court and in arbitration and conciliation proceedings.

Within the legal service regarding enterprises the Law Firm offers in particular:

  • assist with formation of companies, associations, foundations,
  • assist with winding up companies, associations, foundations,
  • rendering current advises and legal consultations,
  • preparation of legal expertises and opinions,
  • daily corporate service, in particular: participation in the Company organs meetings, preparation of the resolutions, protocols, motions to the Registration courts and other authorities, amendments to the deeds of establishment,
  • participation in the meetings and negotiations with commercial partners.

The Law Firm guarantees an open and creative approach to legal issues, taking into consideration the specific nature of modern business.


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