11 January 2021

Legal services for business

The provision of legal services in the broadly understood field of company and corporate law is one of the main areas of the Law Firm’s activity.

The Law Firm offers legal assistance and advisory particularly:

  • as regards the functioning of all types of commercial law companies, both limited  and partnerships, as well as in terms of functioning of other business entities, also in behalf of the partners and shareholders of such companies;
  • in all aspects regarding the establishment of companies, including drawing up articles of association and statutes, supervisory boards regulations and management regulations, as well as any agreements concluded between partners or shareholders in connection with the operation of companies;
  • as regards current corporate services for companies, including preparation of draft resolutions of company governing bodies, organisation and conduct of general meetings of shareholders, as well as meetings of supervisory and management boards;
  • on issues related to the disposal and encumbrance on stocks and shares, increases and reductions in share capital (including contributions in kind), alterations of the articles of association or statutes, redemption of stocks and shares, forced buyout and repurchase of shares, conclusion of management agreements, non-competition agreements and other agreements with members of the management board and management staff, dissolution and liquidation of companies, as well as all other issues related to the functioning of commercial law companies;
  • on matters related to the transformation, merger and demerger of commercial law companies;
  • as regards registration proceedings and other proceedings related to the functioning of commercial law companies conducted by register courts or other relevant courts or authorities;
  • in matters related to the establishment and functioning of branches of foreign companies (entrepreneurs) in Poland;
  • in the preparation of legal opinions on the interpretation and application of the provisions of commercial companies law and other provisions related to the functioning of commercial law companies;
  • in matters related to public procurement law and representation in proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber and common courts.

We provide legal assistance in all matters of dispute related to the functioning of business entities.